Friday, October 21, 2011

Europe Trip!

Paris residents will have the opportunity to travel to Belgium, France and Switzerland with Mr. and Mrs. Witmer in June of 2013.  The group will start in Brussels and Bruges, Belgium before continuing to Amiens and Paris, France.  From Paris, they will take a high speed train to Lausanne, Switzerland.  They will end their tour in Switzerland with visits to the towns of Gruy√®re and Montreux, and a tour of the Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva.

Twenty-one students and adults are already signed up for the tour, but room still remains.  Anyone who is interested in joining the group can do so by contacting Mrs. Witmer at PCHS or by going to and typing in JWITMER2013 to access the trip site.

French II

Students in French II are working on their pronunciation and reviewing verbs and vocabulary that they learned last year in French I.  They are also doing an oral exercise each day in which they borrow a pen, a pencil, a book, or paper from each other.  These will be sold on Friday for "euros" which will then be used by the students to buy and bank bonus points.

French III and IV

French III and IV students are soon going to be writing to pen pals in France!  An English class, taught by former Paris High School graduate Casey( McCall) Cerles, is being matched up with our French students.  They will e-mail one another in a combination of French and English throughout the year.  Students last year did the same thing and even created and shared videos with one another.

In 2013, one of the French III students will be going to France with Mr. and Mrs. Witmer, and with luck, will be able to meet her pen pal in person!

Mrs. Witmer's daily schedule

Mrs. Witmer's Daily Schedule:

1st Hour:  French III and IV
2nd Hour:  Honors Composition I
5th Hour:  Honors Composition I
8th Hour:  French II

Honors Composition

In Honors Composition the students are currently analyzing political cartoons.  They have learned that cartoonist use five elements to convey their messages:

          1. Symbols - using an object to stand for an idea
          2. Captioning and labels - used for clarity
          3. Analogy - a comparison between two unlike things that share some characteristics
          4. Irony - the difference between what actually is and what should be or what we believe to be          true
          5. Exaggeration - overstating or magnifying a problem or physical trait such as a big nose or big ears

On Monday, students will present their findings to the class.  Later in the week, each group will compose its own political cartoon using the elements listed above.

Also  next week, students will choose a novel for outside reading.