Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year Notes

Honors Composition II students keep busy learning how to summarize, paraphrase and quote material without inadvertent plagiarism.  They have each chosen a novel, play or series of short stories to research for an 8-10 page paper that will be due on April 8.  In the meantime, they will learn to use primary sources (original maps, journals, posters) in research and to cite them correctly in writing. After the research paper, students will also create an annotated bibliography from assigned readings in the
Being Human textbook.

French IV students will soon prepare a vacation to a French speaking country, including places that they will visit and things that they will see.  The completed report, written in French, will be presented to the class.

French III students learn French history and how to express future events in French.  They will soon
learn the conditional and "IF" clause sentences.